Safeguarding your privacy is at the heart of everything we do, and the website was built from the ground up to ensure this. To access some of our guides, articles and other literature we will sometimes ask you to provide a limited amount of personal information. We commit to keeping your personal details in the strictest of confidence, maintaining the highest levels of security around them. If you wish your details to be deleted please ask us. Confirmation of their permanent deletion will be sent to you.

If you have explicitly asked us to, we will send your details to a financial adviser selected and vetted by us. We will only ever send your details to one adviser, who has signed a strict confidentiality agreement with us. If you choose not to use that financial adviser, you may ask us to choose a new financial adviser. The first financial adviser will destroy any record of your details.


All forms you complete are submitted with the same encryption that large banks use for internet banking. The data is secure. When user’s details are sent to and from the database, encrypted files are used. User’s passwords are also encrypted.

We will never sell, pass on, distribute or use your details unless you explicitly ask us to.

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