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The Definitive Review of QROPS Pension Transfers

A QROPS is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme – or an overseas pension scheme that conforms to the HMRC’s rules that determine what a destination pension scheme has to be in order for a transfer from the UK to be exempt from any unauthorised transfer tax. Since this tax currently stands at 55% of the transfer value, and since there seems to be some confusing as to what is a QROPS, a group of G60 qualified pension transfer specialists set up this organisation.
You might find this site a little different to others in the field – this might be a little more technical and perhaps overflowing with useful information even! However, the aim of this site is technical in nature and we’re looking to provide a resource for those who might find themselves a little lost on the subject of UK pension transfer. We invite you to use the contact form to ask us any questions or request a referral to a qualified financial planner.

"Information I have found on this site has helped ease my mind. There is a lot going on when you are planning retirement and having to get mired in tax law is the last thing you want. The IFA I was referred to made it all seem like a breeze"

− Georgina Rylan

"I trusted the Financial Planner I was referred to because he came highly recommended by QROPS Review. And I haven't been let down once since."

− Phillip Seyward

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